Discover The 20+ Best Brazil Soccer Players of All Time

Discover the 20+ best Brazil Soccer Players of All Time

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the finest soccer talents that Brazil has to offer. In this article, we’ll unveil the top 20+ best Brazil soccer players of all time who have left an indelible mark on the beautiful game. 

From iconic legends like Pelé to the contemporary flair of Neymar, we’ll celebrate the prowess, artistry, and passion that define Brazilian football. 

So, if you’re a football enthusiast eager to know who shines on the pitch for Brazil, you’re in the right place!

Our List of The 20+ Best Brazil Soccer Players of All Time (Updating)

1. Pele


Net Worth: $100 million (At the time of his death)

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Club: NY Cosmos

Regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, with three FIFA World Cup wins and numerous accolades.

2. Mané Garrincha

Mané Garrincha

Club: Olaria Atlético Clube

A legendary dribbler who played a crucial role in World Cup wins.

3. Ronaldo (Ronaldo de Lima or R9) – $160 million


Club: Real Madrid

A two-time FIFA World Player of the Year and a World Cup winner.

4. Sócrates


Club: Santos FC

An influential midfielder and captain known for his leadership. His medical degree and his political awareness, combined with style and quality of his play, earned him the nickname “Doctor Socrates”.

5. Zico – $40 Million


Club: Flamengo

An iconic playmaker known for his skills and contributions to both club and country.

6. Ronaldinho – $90 million


Club: FC Barcelona

A two-time FIFA World Player of the Year and a Barcelona legend.

7. Falcao – $70 million


Club: AS Roma

A midfield maestro renowned for his passing and leadership on the pitch

8. Romario – $25 million


Club: CR Vasco da Gama

A prolific striker with a World Cup victory and impressive goal-scoring records.

9. Neymar – $250 million


Club: Al Hilal SFC

Al Hilal SFC & Paris Saint-Germain’s superstar and the most expensive player in history with excellent skills.

10. Jairzinho – $5 Million


Club: Botafogo

Jair Ventura Filho is a Brazilian former professional footballer. A quick, skillful, and powerful right winger known for his finishing ability and eye for goal. He was a key member and top scorer of the legendary Brazil national team that won the 1970 FIFA World Cup.

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11. Cafu


Net Worth: $5 Million

Club: AC Milan

A World Cup-winning right-back and one of the most-capped players in Brazilian history.

12. Didi


Net Worth: No Information

Club: São Paulo

Became a legend for his abilities from the dead ball, while his elegance on the field led to Brazil’s faithful bestowing on him the nickname ‘Ethiopian Prince’ in recognition of his talents.

13. Tostao


Net Worth: $5 Million

Club: Vasco da Gama

A skillful forward who contributed to Brazil’s 1970 World Cup victory.

14. Roberto Rivelino

Roberto Rivelino

Net Worth: $5 Million

Club: Al-Hilal

Potency the attacking midfielder was also blessed with wonderful skill in his left foot and one of the pioneers of the ‘flip flap’ beloved by Ronaldinho.

15. Carlos Alberto Torres

Carlos Alberto Torres

Net Worth: No Information

Club: NY Cosmos

A World Cup-winning captain known for his leadership.

16. Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos Torres

Net Worth: $160 million

Club: Real Madrid

Known for his powerful free-kicks and contributions to Real Madrid.

17. Rivaldo


Net Worth: $80 million

Club: FC Barcelona

A World Cup winner and an accomplished midfielder with a successful club career.

18. Marcelo


Net Worth: $16 million

Club: Real Madrid CF

Known for his attacking prowess, dribbling ability, and precise crosses, Marcelo is regarded as one of the best left-backs in the history of football

19. Kaká


Net Worth: $90 million

Club: AC Milan

A FIFA World Player of the Year and AC Milan star.

20. Gerson (Gérson de Oliveira Nunes)


Net Worth: No Information

Club: Botafogo

A World Cup winner & former star is considered one of the best passers football has ever known, a worthy successor to the great Didi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the best Brazil soccer player?


Who is Brazil’s best player in 2023?

#1 Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid)

Is Brazil still the best soccer team?

Following the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Brazil remained the country with the most men’s World Cup titles, with a total of five.

Who is the most expensive player in Brazil team?

Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid) – with a market value of 150 million euros.

What team is Neymar on?

Al Hilal SFC & Brazil national football team

Who is the father of Brazilian soccer?

Charles William Miller

Who is Brazil of Asia in football?

India Was Once Called ‘Brazil of Asian Football

Why is Brazil still no 1 FIFA?

Shootout victories are worth significantly fewer ranking points than wins achieved during regulation time. If either Argentina or France had emerged victorious in the final within the stipulated 120 minutes, they would have claimed the top spot in the rankings.

However, the penalty shootout ensured that Brazil could not be displaced from the coveted position.


In conclusion, Brazilian soccer continues to produce exceptional talents, and this list is a testament to their remarkable skills and contributions.

Whether you’re a fan of samba-style football or just appreciate top-class athletes, Brazil’s soccer legacy is a treasure trove.

Stay tuned for more updates on these players’ careers as they continue to dazzle the world with their performances on the field.

Thank you for joining in celebrating the best of Brazil’s soccer stars!

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